After over ten years serving the Maine Warden's Service, and the people of Maine in general, Tundra the dog is retiring. During Tundra's service, the sweet little pooch saved 22 lives! In my entire lifetime on this Earth, I have never once saved anybody from anything. Wait, one time a guy at a buffet called me a life saver, because I told him where the clean coffee cups were. But I imagine that's not the same.

According to a story from, Tundra's handler Jeremy Judd of the Maine Warden's Service originally got Tundra as a hunting dog, but discovered quickly that she had a particularly excellent sense of smell. So, that's what convinced Judd to train her as a search and rescue dog.

She's even strutted her stuff on TV. Tundra was featured in an episode of Northwoods Law, and helped find a man with dementia who had fallen in a brook and was barely conscious. Without Tundra's help, the man surely wouldn't have made it through the night.

Now, I feel like people are recognized for their good deeds and hard work all the time. And I bet Tundra doesn't care about the fame as long as she gets plenty of yummy treats, and lots of head and belly pats. But the fact that Tundra has saved more lives than probably all of us combined, surely deserves at least a little write up on our website.

So give it up for Tundra!!!! She's earned the right for an extra nap by the woodstove, for sure!

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