There's been a debate for years that there's two kinds of Mainers in this world. Those who love red hot dogs, and those who are wrong wrong. Me? I'm a red hot dog guy all the way. I especially love to serve them to friends from out of state who give me this look like I may actually be trying to poison them. The look is always followed by the question...

"What is that thing?"

It is then that I take them on a trip through my childhood, and explain that it's a Maine tradition. Whether steamed in a bun, or with baked beans and brown bread on a Saturday night, we're not crazy or weird, we just love our red hot dogs.

To celebrate the awesomeness of this delicious meat treat, the Dexter Revitalization Committee has teamed up with Maine Highlands Federal Credit Union, as well as several other sponsors to present the Maine Red Hot Dog Festival on August 11th!!

It's an all day event in Dexter where you can do wicked cool things like run a 140-foot inflatable obstacle course, take part in a morning 5K "bun run". And of course, the event just wouldn't be complete without a red hot dog eating contest.

The big day will be held right in the town of Dexter, from 9:00a.m. - 8:00p.m. and will feature many different activities throughout the day. There will other kinds of food as well, on the off chance someone dares to show up without the required love of red hot dogs. You'll also find crafts and vendors, a kid's fun zone, and a ton of live music!

They had an amazing turnout last year, and expect an even bigger crowd this year. Luckily, there's plenty of advance notice so I can buy a bigger pair of pants, and start stretching my stomach, so I can shove as many of those delicious red hot dogs down my grocery hole as I possibly can. I suggest you do the same. See you there!!

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