Two Tall Ships will be docked in Portland Harbor this weekend, in celebration of the anniversary of the founding of the United States Coast Guard.

These are not just extra big ships. Tall Ships are traditionally rigged sailing vessels that can transport you back to a time when the wind was the main source of propulsion. They're so revered that there are celebrations, festivals, and social organizations based around their culture. In Maine, an organization called 'Tall Ships Portland' centers around the Tall Ship's history and lasting appeal.

The ships that will be in Portland this weekend are the Coast Guard's USS Eagle and the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry. Both vessels will be open to the public for free tours Saturday and Sunday. Their arrival was arranged by Tall Ships Portland, which works with the Coast Guard to promote sailing for teenagers. The U.S. Coast Guard was established on August 4th, 1790, which means it's celebrating its 227th anniversary this weekend.

For more information on the organization and this weekend's events, check the website for Tall Ships Portland.

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