Perhaps in other circles, I would be accused of brown-nosing, pointing out that it's 'National Mom's Day Off'... But since I don't have any kids, I can't really be trying to score any brownie points with my wife. And since I did everything I could think of to try and make my mom's holiday easier, I feel I'm off the hook.

But... let's be real here... Christmas time is where moms everywhere put on their magic cape for weeks straight, making sure Christmas goes off without a hitch. Everything from planning the meals for several different events, to making sure all the right presents get under the tree every year. And that takes a mammoth amount of work.

So maybe today guys and kids, as you're about to pick up your phone and starting barraging mom with questions about dinner, and when you can get out to the store to exchange that thing that's not quite right, how about finding your own way to get it done? Can you and Dad make a run instead? Can mom stay home where it's quiet?

Or how about you and the other folks make a plan to pick up takeout, or even better make dinner for mom, and then clean up the mess. Mom's are the unsung heroes of every family. Don't get me wrong, I hear lots of my dude friends say great things about their spouses, but how often do you just make their day easier?

It took me years to learn how important it was to just help my mom. And more than just one day a year. when you're 13 or 14, you never want to willingly do dishes. But when you get to be my age, you jump out of your chair as soon as possible, rather than watch your mom spend one more second doing things for other people.

So give her a day off. Let her enjoy doing nothing. Let her watch whatever she wants. And if you really want her to relax... get out of there. pack up everybody in the house and give mom a couple hours of peace and quiet all by herself. You'll be rewarded in ways you never thought imaginable. Thank me later.

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