Actually, today is a two-fer. Yes, it is National Teacher Appreciation Day, but it's also National Teacher Appreciation Week! Let's face it.... they deserve a lot more than a week or a day. It's one of the most important professions in our entire world, and one of the most taken for granted.

I feel somewhat informed on this subject, as mine, and my extended families have a loooong line of teachers. My grandmother, my mother, my mother-in-law, my sister, my wife's aunt.... all teachers. So I feel like I've been hearing all the old war stories for years. And believe me, there are tons!

When I think back to what kind of student I was, I could easily make myself feel completely horrible for the way I acted most of the time. Haha. I wasn't the worst kid, but I can't really say I made any of their lives easier. I was loud-mouthed and opinionated. that was ok with some, but for others, I'm sure it was a distraction, to put it politely.

But I learned a lot. I may not have turned in a lot of homework, but I paid a lot of attention. And I really do feel that my high school education has played a far larger role in my adulthood than I would've assumed. College...meh. I wasn't a troublemaker, but the only thing I really excelled at was sleeping in and missing class.

But there were a few teachers at Hampden Academy back in the day, that really put their best foot forward, and tried to get through to me. Mr. Michaud, the music director, really tried to let me express myself as much as possible. He let me get away with a lot more behind the drumset than most band teachers would have. Ms. Ward, one of my English teachers. Stern as heck, but equally fair. And Mr. Jackson, another one of my English teachers. Just a cool, free spirit that wanted you to be the same.

So all these folks, they deserve a big pat on the back. And my sister, who still teaches. She's an amazing woman, and anyone should be glad to have their children entrusted in her care and abilities. But all these people should have all the respect we have to give. They had a hand in making all of us who we are.

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