Today is National Love Your Pet Day, so I couldn't resist putting together a video of some of my favorite captured moments of Gifford and Lola.

It's no secret that the dogs run our household. Jim and I are doting doggy parents, who can't imagine life without our furry, four-legged friends. They lay on the furniture, hang out the windows when we drive, and sit at our feet while we're having any meal to make sure we know they have to get some of it.

Lola is 14-years-old, but acts like a puppy most of the time. She's a Golden Retriever who's often mistaken for an Irish Setter because of her long face and slim frame. Lola's been a part of my life as long as my husband, and has outlived two of our dogs. A sweet and loving personality paired with a hunter's instincts when it comes to any kind of rodent make her an always-interesting girl to have around.

Then there's Gifford, who joined our family just over a year ago. He's still such a puppy, always running, jumping, and playing. And is he food-obsessed! Gifford would sit on my lap and drool happily, if I let him, each time I'm eating anything. He's especially partial to Ritz crackers, which he will snatch out of my hand as if someone were standing next to him, ready to grab them. It's not aggression, but rather a favorite game that, for some reason, he only plays when being given that particular treat.

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