So, today is National Hot Dog Day. If there's one thing I've learned over the years, people have extremely strong opinions about what should go on a hot dog. Heck, in Maine, we have to have a pre-discussion about what kind of hot dog it's going to be. Whether it'll be a regular hot dog, or a red snapper... (We all know the only real answer is red hot dogs.)

Then, do you like them steamed, or grilled? Bun grilled too? The questions will never end. But if you get all that aside, what on God's green Earth do you put on them?!

At the risk of utter unpopularity, I enjoy them most grilled, with a grilled bun, with mayonnaise and dijon mustard. But I really wanted to know what y'all liked, so I put the question to Facebook. Some folks loved the old stand-by's of ketchup and yellow mustard, or ketchup only. But then things took kind of an interesting turn.

Three of you specifically mentioned zucchini relish. I felt that was so specific. Not just relish, but homemade zucchini relish. I'm not knocking it at all, I was just surprised. Still another person liked piccalilli... There were many left turns.

But overall, if I had to say there were some definite standards, I would say that most people at least want mustard and onions on their hot dogs. As well as other things too, but mustard and onions seemed to almost be a theme by the end of the thread.

But remember... There's no rules. It's food. And everybody wants it their way. As it should be! So go forth and enjoy your hot dogs! Any doggone way you want!

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