Man....I really can't believe it's been a whole year. Granted, I was a part-timer here for a few years before I went full time, so I wasn't exactly a stranger walking in the door, but a lot definitely changed for me when I became full-time. I had to learn a whole new way of doing things, and a whole host of responsibilities that just never befall a part-timer.

There's been a ton of highlights, obviously. My first Egg Ride was also my first time driving a snowmobile. For that matter, I think I'd only ridden on one once before that. I had a blast at Ribfest announcing bands with Scott and Cindy. I even learned that sometimes things sit for months in the fridge at the office, and practically become a mascot in their own weird way.

I even found out that I enjoy writing. Here's my first story for our website. By the way, the current Blanket and Sleeping Bag Drive is going on as we speak. Please help the Health Equity Alliance if you can...

I've also learned what a great team we have here at Townsquare Media Bangor. Literally everyone kills it, every day. There's no one here just phoning it in. There's a deep love of music, and a deep hatred of not having fun at work.

I've made new friends here, that no matter what happens job-wise for any of us, we will always stay in touch. Don't get me wrong, it will require wild horses to get me out of this building someday. I absolutely love my job!

And you know, that the biggest part of all. I've been coming here every day for a year, and not once, have I ever thought I was getting tired of it, or jaded by it. Nothing like that. I get it, some folks in any line of work, over years and years, can get tired of it. But I've had so many crappy jobs that I never want to back to, I thank my lucky stars every day to be doing what I'm doing.

So here's to another year....that will hopefully turn into many years to come. I'm glad to be bringing you the sweet country hits every afternoon. Because I literally don't want to be anywhere else.


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