If there's one thing I get tired of writing about, it might just be ticks. Because every time I sit down to write about them, it's never good. It's always about how the stupid little jerks have just found another way to get to us. Over the holiday weekend, I found two on me. And really, I wasn't out in areas where I shouldn't have been. Just my back yard.

Sure, I have to mow. And that's one of the things the CDC says you can do around your yard to help mitigate them a bit. If the grass is shorter, they tend to die off quicker. They don't like it too hot, or too dry. Also watch what you have for plants around the yard. Japanese barberry. Ticks looooove to live in there, where they're well protected from the elements.

Climate seems to be a big factor in their life cycle. We had a winter that was conducive to booming tick populations. We had a nice damp spring that will likely do the same. Summer probably won't be much help. We either need a really cool and dry summer, or a really hot, dry summer. And here in Maine, we never really get either one for any length of time, so they flourish.

But the stupid things just seem invincible. Which is ironic in a way, because it would seem ticks are actually kind of sensitive. They hate too much of anything. But Maine weather doesn't seem to consistently provide enough of the weather they truly hate.

This CDC webpage gives all the prevention methods that we have out there currently. Really, it's just about being careful. And all about checking yourself over constantly if you've been in areas with high potential for exposure. Again and again. Body checks are the only real mandatory line of defense.

So good luck out there this year. Ticks are just trying to eat and stay alive. But I'm tired of them making my friends, and potentially myself, sick. Little jerks.


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