The Bangor Police Department took to their famous Facebook page to dispel some rumors about their "bullet riddled cruisers."

Mainers know the toll winter takes on vehicles. Police cruisers aren't immune to the rust caused by corrosive road salt. At first glance, they do look like a bullet holes. However they are, as Tim Cotton calls them, "the key insertion point" to for the rear hatch that has rusted and the paint has been chipped away. The spots are painted over routinely. However the paint continues to chip away from the vehicles, creating the look of a bullet hole.

The amusing Facebook post was created after fielding phone calls and seeing posts on social media falsely claiming their cruisers were "bullet riddled." TC adds, "We do not believe that even the most practiced marksman would be able to reliably hit the exact same spot on the back of each one of our cars with such precision - so relax."

Earlier this week Bangor Police to Facebook to defuse more rumors on social media. Monday, Bangor Police dispelled a false abduction report involving and elderly woman driving a white van.

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