I suppose living in a rural state like Maine, you really need to pay a lot of attention when driving, pretty much year-round. Every single one of us has to go somewhere, all the time. Be it to and from work, going out to run errands.....all sorts of things. And again, it's Maine, so there's animals everywhere, all the time.

This week the Department of Public Safety, Maine Bureau of Highway Safety reminded us on their Facebook page, to really keep an extra eye out this time of year for critters running in our roads. We've all been seeing posts online about the amount of squirrels running all over the place, creating roadkill mayhem everywhere. But, especially at dawn and dusk, the bigger creatures start to come out. Deer, moose, bears, foxes, etc.

All of us have tone of stories about the hazards of hitting a deer or moose. Sadly some of us have extremely tragic tales about these kinds of encounters with nature. Or for that matter, just the amount of damage that can be inflicted upon your vehicle can be costly, if not total your car altogether. Check out this article from AAA.com with some other great tips.

Don't waste your time on those gimmick-y deer alarms thingies that go on the front of your car that allegedly emit a sound frequency that drives the deer away. You're just throwing your money away. The only thing that help you the most behind the wheel is just to be sober, aware, and responsible.

So keep both hands on the wheel, zero on your phone, and watch out for our wilderness buddies!