I'm pretty sure I've admitted it before, but I'm kind of fascinated by history. Especially stuff specifically having to do with the state of Maine. Like most Mainers, my family has lived in the state for many generations, and stories of the old logging days are told pretty regularly around the table at the holidays.

There isn't necessarily a ton of new information to be learned from this video. In fact, it's kind of quite the opposite. But I think that's the point. There's some great things about our history in this video. Things that we still do today. Like all the kids picking potatoes up in the County. The footage of the fisherman brought me right back to my days in southern Maine. When I lived in Portland, you could watch all kinds of fishing boats pulling into port with all their different catches, all day long.

The guy narrating it is awesome too. No idea who it is, but it sounds like the voice of nearly every educational film or film strip (remember those?) I've ever seen. Just watch, for real, you will go right back in time and feel about 8 years old again.

Bangor gets a sweet shout out around the three minute mark, talking about the old lumber days and such. And from there, it transitions into some really cool footage of the University of Maine at Orono. It's amazing how the campus really hasn't changed all that much over the years. The buildings all look the same for the most part. Maybe the trees have gotten taller, and there are certainly more buildings now, but it's still really cool to see how little has changed.

Anyway, we both know you're just either killing time at your desk, or sitting on the couch trying to ignore all the noise from the kids and/or your spouse. Ha! So, sit back and take a little journey back through time, and see what life was like around here 70+ years ago. It was awesome then, too.

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