A couple days ago, I saw a video going around of a poor deer trapped on an ice floe, headed down the Allagash. The animal seemed to be dealing with the issue far better than I would. I'd be freaking out, screaming, kicking, crying, sniffling, you name it. And I didn't know how the situation ended, which was kind of a bummer.

Until this morning, when I came across these two videos that show the deer cruising down the waterway, still maintaining his stone-faced composure. And then, the ice finally just settles toward the she shore, close enough for the young buck to make a go of it.

I admit, it was kind of like watching a really low-budget nature show, but I was really rooting for this guy to make it ashore! If he misjudged, he would've been caught in between the ice chunks, and likely drowned. But, through the wonders of nature, he was able to make it to shore and off to the woods.

So, take a moment, and enjoy the fact that something good happened today. One deer was spared a cold watery death. Granted in a few months, he will be hunted down for dinner. But it's nice to see a nature show have a happy ending, without the apex predator scoring it's meal.

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