You know how they say things happen in 3’s. Or maybe 4’s.

Another Bigfoot sighting and I was not out looking for them.

Scott Miller

Not sure if you can see, behind the fence to the right of Bigfoot, the family dog.  Hope you can see him, his barking kept me from getting any closer to snap the photo. I stayed on the edge of the road, thank you.

First was Walking the Shore of Lake Moxie in Forks Plantation.  A listener sent in the pics.

B & TS


Then was Bigfoot and Bear in Leeds.


W Chadbourne


Next was Saturday morning on 175 in Penobscot.  And 4?  Not sure this counts but as a window decal on the rear window of a car I saw.

Scott Miller


Now it is time for some investigation.  Am I late to the Bigfoot in Maine everywhere party?  And where does one purchase a life size made of wood painted piece of art like these.  Or must they all be homemade.

Not to sound like a News Reporter, but if you see a Bigfoot sighting, get out your phone and get photos and send them into me. We can share all the sightings. And hats off to all the ‘hosts’ of Bigfoot.  Your creativity is much appreciated, especially with the year plus we’ve just come through.

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