Folks who live in certain sections of 15th, 16th, and Ohio Streets, will be experiencing some road closings and intermittent disruptions in their water starting Wednesday, and will happen all the way through the end of the project, which won't conclude until February, according to post from the Bangor Water District.

They are beginning prep work for the eventual replacement of the bridge that spans I-95 on Ohio Street. During the week, they'll be working from roughly 7:00am - 3:30pm, and each day when the work is over, water will be running again, and the roads will re-open. Here's a photo from the Bangor Water District that shows how the traffic will be detoured, etc.

City of Bangor Facebook
City of Bangor Facebook

You know how these things go, at times it will be wildly inconvenient, but it's something that has to be done. And eventually it will all be over, and things will get back to normal. Then of course, they'll begin work on the bridge, and it will be very similar to what happened on Union Street when they replaced that bridge.

At any rate, always remember it's not the fault of the guys doing the work. They're just doing their job. And, bridges all through Maine need to be replaced because they're old and need some love, this one being no exception. So brace yourself, and get ready to grin and bear it for a little while.

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