Now before anyone starts freaking out... The Folk Festival is solid. No worries there. But, since the city has a few major construction projects underway, it is going to have a bit of an impact on the festival this year, in terms of the number of stages, and the overall footprint of the event.

Because ongoing construction by the river is crowding them a bit, they've had to alter their stage setups a bit. In years past, there have been the Railroad Stage, the Penobscot Stage, and the Dance Pavilion. This year, the Railroad stage will take up most of the room where the Penobscot Stage had previously sat. So they will combining the Penboscot Stage and the Pavilion into one area called the Showcase Stage.

According to, festival organizers made it very clear though, that the only changes to the Folk Festival, will be in location only. They will still offer an amazing and eclectic array of entertainers of all kinds, a trademark that the festival has become known for.

So you can expect a few things to feel a little different, but it's still basically going to be the same Bangor Folk Festival we've all grown to cherish. To check out the list of performers that they have released so far, go here.

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