A while back, everyone was up in arms, because there was some mild chit-chat that the state was considering changing the state flag's design. Ultimately, it didn't even make it out of committee. Which was no surprise to most. There's really nothing particularly wrong with our flag just the way it is. And that was the opinion of most folks, seemingly.

However, at the time, there was some discussion that maybe we needed some fresh ideas for a flag for Maine's upcoming bicentennial in 2020. And now, there are three designs being bandied about, and the state would like to have your input. They have a spot where you can go to directly and cast your vote for one of the three designs. Feel free to cast that vote right here.

Here are the three designs from a press release by Secretary of State, Matthew Dunlap:

Photo: Maine Sec. of State
Photo: Maine Sec. of State

I guess if I were to choose right now, my personal vote would go to design #1. I think it looks the most "Maine". I like the tree, and the blue at the bottom implies the ocean. And I always think the Dirigo symbol is always important. Although, I wish it said Maine in it somewhere.

Anyway, if you feel like it, stop by the survey page and cast your vote. It's not often you get direct access to a decision being made at the state level, so why not? And then we can all celebrate Maine's Bicentennial in style, knowing we all had our say.

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