I have a camp out in the Eddington area, and most often, we drive out the Airline (Route 9) to get there. And ever since I was a young boy, I was always a bit fascinated by the Penobscot Salmon Club. When I was young, the idea of catching fish as big as my arm was quite appealing. Especially since the biggest thing I was used to catching was white perch and sunfish.

What I had no idea about, was that the Penobscot Salmon Club is the oldest fishing club in the United States! Founded in 1887 and fully incorporated in 1894, and it's location on the banks of the mighty Penobscot has been listed with the National Register of Historic Places since 1976.

For that matter, according to Wikipedia, it's one of the few outdoor gentleman's clubs that has survived since the 19th century. Check out their entry in the National Historic Registry here. And, check out this photo from back in the day, so cool!

Photo: https://npgallery.nps.gov
Photo: https://npgallery.nps.gov

But probably one of the coolest details about the Club, is that every year, traditionally, the first salmon caught is sent to the president of the United States! I hope the president actually gets to eat it! I know I'm jealous of anyone that gets to enjoy fresh, wild Atlantic salmon. It makes wonder how many other fish the president gets in the mail from other places?

Anyway, there's some sweet background info on a cool spot that is literally, right in our back yard. Maybe it's time you spin some heavier line onto your pole and head down. I guarantee, if you're much of a fisherman, you will never regret the day you finally caught a big giant salmon!

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