On Saturday, the Orono Bog Walk, part of the Bangor City Forest, is hosting an open house. If you're a fan of the City Forest/Bog Walk, then you know they've really been working hard the last couple years to replace the old boardwalk that was previously in there. So they're hosting this event as a thank you to all who have supported, volunteered, or donated to the cause.

The old boardwalk was made of wood, and parts would often come loose, or break off, or rot. Over the last couple years, they've replaced the old wooden ones with new synthetic decking that won't succumb to the elements. In the long run, it will be much easier to maintain, and be more cost efficient.

The only complaint I've ever had about the new decking, is that it causes static. I always end up getting shocks from plants when I accidentally brush up against them. Totally weird, and I thought I was imagining it the first few times it happened, but sure enough... ZAP!

At 11:00a.m. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, as well as several volunteers to answer your questions. There will also be some refreshments. Who doesn't love refreshments?!

And if you've never been out there to scope out the scene, do it. The bog is an unbelievably beautiful place that looks like it should be on another planet. But fortunately for us, it's pretty much right in the back yard!

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