There's nothing hotter than a stretch of sand, so the hottest property up for sale in Maine right now is the Desert of Maine.

Now, you may not want to think about deserts right now, with the current heat wave. But that's okay. But the 'Desert of Maine' isn't really a desert. Located in Freeport, the 'desert' is actually a 40-acre tract of glacial silt, not sand. And it's not a real desert because it gets too much precipitation. But it looks like it's made up of very fine sand, which has piled in dunes like sand, so it was dubbed the 'Desert of Maine' in 1925 and became a tourist destination.

The current owners say, after 15 years, it's time to move on from the facility and find their next adventure, so they've put it up for sale, including the museum and a private house. It could be yours to run and enjoy for the low, low price of $725,000, which includes everything listed above, as well as a 225-year-old barn.

Tourists are intrigued by the signs advertising 'The Desert of Maine.' And school kids often take field trips there to check out the glacial silt. So, think about it. You could live your very own 'Arabian Nights' adventure right here in Maine.

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