I was surprised during a trip to the Blue Hill Fair on Monday with the cutest demo derby I've ever seen.

It's true. I'm a huge demolition derby fan. I love the cars smashing together, the energy of the crowd, and the excitement of cheering on my favorites in each heat. And I can't believe nearly the entire fair season got by me, without attending a single demo derby. So I just had to make the trip to Blue Hill for the Demolition Derby championships.

I expected the loud engines and smell of exhaust fumes and radiator fluid, as well as the sound of metal crashing together. And I wasn't disappointed, as the adult competitions were awesome. But what I wasn't expecting was a 'junior' heat, prior to the main event. Little kids, in helmets, on their automated vehicles. It was, easily, one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed.

I didn't take my camera to the fair because of the expected rain, so I whipped out my phone to catch a little video of the fun. All the kids who took part got a trophy, unlike the adults, many of whom went home with nothing but a lot of twisted metal that used to be a car. But everyone had fun and did a great job. Congrats to all.

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