I know I'll miss out on people or a group of people, and so first let me say to anyone who had anything to do with the 2020 Q106.5 Egg Ride...THANK YOU!

The number of hours that go into planning the event each year is massive. And then days before the ride, with no snow on the trials,  it's time to make sure Plan B is ready to execute. It's one thing to be going on sleds on the trails, and quite another to be on a trailer being pulled by a truck over roads.  The planning is done by Pine Tree Camp, in association with local snowmobile clubs. The Game Wardens are involved to make sure either way we do the ride, it's safe. Thank you to anyone affected by being stopped at an intersection, or being slowed down along the route.

Hungry Hollows 76ers Snowmobile Club and Penobscot Snowmobile Club have such great active members who come out and help on the day of event, and with the many hours that goes into so many chores like planning the food at both clubs, and the gathering of auction items and execution of that at both clubs. Thanks to all involved.

All the donors that call Q106.5 or go online to make pledges and donations.  Those businesses that sell the Cardboard Eggs. And those that buy them.  The people that just step up and not only make a donation, but try to raise money by soliciting friends, neighbors and businesses.

Big thanks to Dysart's for being a bigger part of things each and every year.  Yes, that was Tim Dysart driving the truck that pulled the sled full of the Egg Riders. Thanks to WABI-TV5 and especially Emily Tadlock and Courtney Courtright who are such troopers, riding and egging and laughing and sharing the ride on social media.

The amazing staff and volunteers at Pine Tree Camp are so great to work with. Again, with so many I's to dot and T's to cross, they don't miss anything. Thanks to Tyler, and Dawn and Mary and Stevie And Erin and all.

And I learned something this year.  Blue Shirts and Yellow Egg yolks make Green Stains.

We don't have totals yet for the amount raised, so please stay tuned. And again thank you Q106.5 listeners!  Here's to snow in 2021!

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