When I write about things like this, it hits me right in the feels. If there are two things that will get to me every time, it's anything to do with kids or animals. Whenever I think about animals or kids being abused, or ill-taken care of, it makes me a combination of super angry, or very sad.

With kids, it's not always about bad or irresponsible parenting. There's a lot of very loving, caring parents out there, that just have a hard time making ends meet. Especially in this day and age. Sure, minimum wage is higher than ever, but so is the cost of living.

Just in Bangor alone, if you look at ApartmentFinder.com, the rent for a 2 bedroom apartment averages between $850-$1100 a month! That's huge! My mortgage payment is also in that range, so owning your own home isn't necessarily a lot of relief there either.

If you have, or know someone who has, kids that need free breakfast or lunch, but aren't sure where to get it, you can text your zip code to 877877, and it will text you back the locations offering free meals near you.

For instance, I texted 04401 to the number, and it kicked back 3 different spots....Bangor housing Authority, Fairmount School, and the Bangor Public Library. Feel free to text 877877 yourself and get the days and hours that they are open.

It warmed my heart a bit to know there are spots where kids can go and get fed. Not that in-need adults shouldn't be taken care of, but kids can't always take care of themselves.

So just to recap, if you have a child, or know of a child that needs access to meals, text your zip code to 877877. It really works. Like I said, I totally tested it myself. There's no shame in needing a little extra help here and there, and this is a way you can get info privately and discretely. So please...if you need this help, use this resource and keep the kids bellies full!

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