Tentrr in Maine

Camping enthusiasts will want to check out a new website, where they can rent a spot, tent and all, in the manner of Airbnb.

In addition, it's an opportunity for Maine landowners to cash in on renting out a piece of their property to campers. So far, about 30 sites have been set up in Maine through tentrr.com. The landowner gets 80% of the profits, while the website folk keep 20%.

I was looking through it this morning, and it's pretty cool! Each site is set up with a tent, that sits on a wooden platform, and it looks like they all have beds. Other than that, you have to peruse the listings to find ones that include gear, like stoves, cooking utensils, toilets, etc. They all seem to have those items available, with many charging an extra fee for using them. But some are really the whole package, including barbecue grills, fire pits, and the like.

If you've wanted to try camping but don't want to invest in the gear until you determine whether black flies, sleeping in a tent, and vacationing in the wild are really your cup of tea, then this is the perfect site. There are available listings in several New England states and New York, and sites in Bradley, Verona Island, Waldoboro, and many other Maine communities. And they're hoping to find even more Maine landowners interested in jumping on the glamping wagon.

Much like Airbnb, the sites are not always completely private. Sometimes your tent is sitting at the edge of someone's home property. It's worth it to do your homework and contact that host with questions before booking.

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