I'm a huge fan of the TikTok/YouTube sensation from Bangor 'Tatum Talks,' so I'm pretty excited that Tatum's Dad is joining us on the Q-106.5 Egg Ride.

Who Is Tatum?

Tatum is a cute brown dog from the Greater Bangor area who has his own TikTok and YouTube channels. They're adorable. One of my favorites is this one, where Tatum is trying out some new snow boots.

My husband introduced me to the videos and, at first, we didn't realize that they are a local family. That is until we saw one where Tatum was walking into the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor. That was a game-changer. Not only are these videos (and this dog) entertaining, but they're from Maine. Cool!

Why Would Tatum (Or His Family) Be at the Q-106.5 Egg Ride?

So, when my morning show co-host told me that the guy from 'Tatum Talks' was joining us on the Q-106.5 Egg Ride in February, I got very excited. I think he was surprised at just how over-the-moon I was about meeting Charles Lever, the Hermon resident who, along with his wife Nicole, adopted Tatum a few years ago. Charles provides Tatum's voice, often seriously cracking his wife up in the process.

I don't know whether Tatum will be stopping by the Q-106.5 Egg Ride on Saturday, February 4th. But Charles will be there and says he's excited to be taking part.

We are so happy for the opportunity to support a cause that resonates with some of Tatum’s fans because it’s a little different than the causes we stick to, which is Animal Rescue. “Tatum” means Bringer of Joy and we think he’s doing a good job living up to that!

In this video, Tatum doesn't sound like he's sold on the idea.

How Do We Donate?

We'll be leaving and returning to Dysart's in Hermon, so it wouldn't be a long car ride for the pooch. As a serious fan, I'd be very excited to shake his paw. (and Charles's too) Charles is raising money for the Q-106.5 Egg Ride, which benefits the Pine Tree Camp in Rome, Maine in the mission to offer a full camp experience to children and adults with disabilities. You can donate online in honor of Tatum's Dad or you can donate in the name of the Q-106.5 Morning Show. Whichever way you go, it will help make sure more kids get to attend camp for free this summer.

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