Things have changed a lot since I lived in Bangor when I was a kid. I always felt like there was absolutely nothing to do. When I moved to Portland after high school, I thought I'd just be swimming in things to do all the time.

Sure maybe there is more to do down there sometimes, but honestly, in all my years, I never saw cool walking tours for locals. I'm sure the Bangor Historical Society would love to have tourists too, but I like the idea of hanging out with my fellow Bangorians, learning some cool stuff.

The Bangor Historical Society is hosting a series of walking tours all summer, covering a variety of topics, and this latest is really cool! They're taking people on a walking tour to learn all about some of the biggest, oldest homes in Bangor, right on Broadway.

You've probably driven by them 100 times, and even wondered what sorts of things have happened there, or whatever the back story may be about any given house, and this is your chance to find out!

According to the post on their Facebook page, each walk begins at the corner of State Street and Broadway, starting at 6:00p.m., and goes until 8:00p.m. you;ll learn about who built the house, who lived in them, who designed them. And some of them have some amazing stories to tell, I'm sure. The next one will be this Saturday, June 23rd, at 6:00p.m. The last one will be September 29th.

So get on out, and learn more about the city where you live. Or work, or hang out. It doesn't matter if you live here, Bangor is a cool city with a lot of history, so why not learn some of it?


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