First and foremost, let me start off by thanking just about every mom on the planet Earth. You all put up with so much from us idiotic kids, that I'm surprised you all still acknowledge that you know who we are. Big props to my mom for that especially. She's been dealing with my intense stupidity for over 40 years!

But ultimately, where did Mother's Day come from? Well, that is a simple, yet complex answer. According to Wikipedia, there are a few different origins. There are many religious holidays that center around mothers, but most of them are church specific, viewing the church as "mother".

But the holiday as we know it began in 1908 with a woman named Anna Jarvis. Her mother dies in 1905 and she wanted to honor her mother who was a strong advocate for peace, and treated wounded soldiers during the Civil War, who had passed away that year.

However, in 1908 when she was among those who presented it to Congress, it was rejected by the all male Congress who joked that it would mean they'd also have to pass a mother-in-law's day. But through her perseverance, she and others were able to get it pushed through nationally in 1911. It was officially ratified as a national holiday when the proclamation was signed into being by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

By the 1920's it was so well known, it had started to become a more commercialized holiday and Hallmark Greetings started to really monetize the day. Anna Jarvis did not like this at all...even so far as threatening lawsuits against folks for denigrating the true meaning of Mother's day. She believed mothers should be honored with handwritten letters and well wishes, instead pf pre-packaged gifts and cards. She even scheduled a protest of a candy maker's convention in Philadelphia. She was even arrested for disturbing the peace!

These days, I think we all maintain the spirit of Anna Jarvis's wishes for the holiday. Which is to appreciate all that our moms have done for us and to give them anything that makes them feel honored. I know in my family, we try to something special for my mom. Not just a card and meal out. We try to also do things that make her life easier, or do a favor for her that she may not otherwise be able to take care of.

Despite all the rules Jarvis set forth from her perspective, it feels like we all want to honor our moms, our way. Or their way. Whichever seems most appropriate. So this year, I still don't have a clue what my wife and I will do for our moms. But whatever it is, it will make them feel special, and that's what makes these kids feel good.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there from your friends here at Q106.5!!!!

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