It's snow tire season in Maine.

Although fall has just begun, Mainers are reminded that winter is coming. From October 1, through May 1, snow tires are permitted on Maine roads. Winter tires are not required by law in Maine.

Remember to take them off by May 1. Studded tires wear ruts into the pavement faster than regular tires, hence why the state requires them to be removed by May. Those deep ruts can lead to hazardous road conditions like hydroplaning in the summer months.

Another fall reminder from Maine DOT: Watch for deer in the road. Fall is a peak time for crashes involving deer in Maine. Deer related collisions tend to drastically increase September through November.

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Cumberland County leads the state in deer-related crashes, closely followed by Penobscot county, according to DOT data collected from 2011-2015.

Cruise this Aroostook County Scenic Byway for Endless Foliage Views

One of Maine's northernmost scenic byways is a perfect foliage cruise this fall. The Fish River Scenic Byway follow's a 38 mile stretch of Route 11 in northern Aroostook county. The byway begins in Portage Lake and winds it's way through the densely forested lands to Fort Kent. Along the way you'll see vast valleys of wildflowers, views of scenic Eagle Lake, and one huge hill that offers views of Mt. Katahdin. The trip ends, America's first mile.

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