Roses are red, so is blood. What's next from the horror stud? A poem turned TV show. Here's what you need to know.

More Stephen King on your TV. More writings from The King of horror will be transformed into a TV show. The focus of the next production will be from a poem King wrote in the '60s called The Bone Church. The revised narrative poem was printed in a King anthology The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

According to Deadline, Cedar Park Entertainment acquired the rights to develop the TV show. They describe the plot as: "an adventurer organizes an expedition deep into a vast jungle land to locate the mythic Bone Church. They discover a secret not meant for the eyes of strangers. Only three of the 32 travelers escaped with their lives in a tale narrated by one of the survivors."

Lots of King will be on both the big and small screens over the coming years. The next chapter of IT and the revamped Pet Sematary movies are due out in 2019. Castle Rock, a series set in the King multiverse debuts on Hulu this summer. Plus the wheels are in motion for a Doctor Sleep film adaptation. The novel is a follow-up to The Shining.

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