This "artist" did a pretty good job staying in the lines. This driver's kindergarten teacher would have given them a sticker. However this windshield art didn't get past a State Trooper this week. 

Maine State Police stopped a vehicle this week that was displaying a pretty bad fake inspection sticker. Police say Sgt. Alden Bustard stopped a vehicle on May 17 that displayed this "inspection sticker."

Although it's pretty detailed, police say Sgt. Bustard was "critical of the color choice." Evidently Crayola doesn't have "Inspection Yellow" in their spectrum of colors. The driver was charged with displaying a fictitious inspection sticker, and improper attachment of registration plates.

There's plenty examples of other budding artists vehicular arts and crafts projects over the years. Last year, Caribou cops stopped this vehicle with a exceptionally bad sticker. This one was just sad. It was made out of Styrofoam!

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