Since I lived in southern Maine for so many years, I can attest that a lot of the time, southern Mainers view us northern Maine folks as a bit backwards. We've all heard a million times about how it's practically two Maines. But then, you read about guys like this, who do something so silly, that it reminds you that "backward thinking" folks are everywhere.

According to a story in the Portland Press Herald, Derek Tarbox, of Standish, was eventually arrested for a bunch of different things, but the sequence of events that led to his arrest, is pretty much downright hilarious. It started Tarbox stealing, and ditching, two different cars. And then with the homeowner coming home and discovering Tarbox hanging out, watching TV. And also, freshly showered and the homeowner's clothes!

Tarbox said he was confused and thought he'd gone into a friend's house. To me, this is where it got kind of hilarious. A) The homeowner, to a certain extent, bought the excuse, and B) Tarbox had the berries to ask for a ride to another friend's house! And C) THE PERSON GAVE HIM A RIDE!!!

I mean really, no disrespect to this person, but that part just blew my mind. I mean, I guess it's the holiday season, and you do nice things for people in need. But,

Anyhow, the homeowner came back to the house, and looked around and saw that not all was on the up and up. The house had been ransacked, and the back door had been forced open.

After the police were called, and they went to the last location they had for Tarbox, he was arrested without too much trouble. He initially tried to escape, but was quickly apprehended.

Luckily, nothing turned out bad for the person who owned the home. Lord knows, it could've gone much worse. But still.... this is one of those stories, that when you hear it, it's gotta be true. Because who could make that up?

What thief cleans themselves up, and hangs out waiting for you to get home, gives you a super flimsy excuse about why they're in your house, and then asks for a ride?! Either the dumbest, or most brilliant criminal in the world.

And honestly, I can't figure out which it is.....

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