I'm sure wireless carriers were rejoicing when pretty much the entire East Coast experienced a widespread internet and cable TV outage. For several hours, folks all over Maine and the rest of New England were all wondering what the heck was going on. Facebook was a firestorm of reactions from laughter to fury.

I saw stories about about people losing papers they were working on for school. Everyone's cable was out, and I was reading about folks dusting off their old antenna to get some sort of TV going. And still a lot more people began saying the wanted refunds or credit for the outage. Well, that may be possible.

According to this story, people in upstate New York have been calling Spectrum directly, asking for some sort of credit. Spectrum is saying they will discuss it on a case by case basis, but the credit will not be automatic. If you want some satisfaction, you'll have to do a bit of sitting on the phone to get it.

Folks can call Spectrum’s customer service line at (855) 707-7328 to discuss the matter. One customer in upstate New York claimed they got almost $9 credited to their account. Sure, it's not much, but you can at least feel like you're getting back a little bit of what you lost.

According to Lara Pritchard, a spokesperson for Spectrum the outage was a weather related event:

The outage was caused by weather-related fiber damage to primary and redundant networks, and our teams worked to restore service as quickly as we could.

At my mom's house in Bangor, they didn't get their service back until the next day on Saturday. So again, for you it might not be about the money. It might just be that you want to get a little slice of satisfaction. Those opportunities can be rare, so grab it while you can.

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