The Bangor Police Department is getting reports of spam callers claiming to be Bangor PD's Lieutenant Jason Stuart.

What If the Caller ID Says It's Bangor PD?

Officials say the caller ID appears as though the call is originating from the Bangor Police Department. But Lieutenant Stuart says that's been 'spoofed,' or faked. He advises people not to be fooled by what the caller ID says.

How Does the Call Work?

When someone answers the call, thinking that they're talking to the Bangor Police Department, the caller identifies himself as Lieutenant Jason Stuart. The spammer then tells the potential victim that they have missed a court date and must pay a fee which must be paid by gift card or bitcoin and then demand that the victim stay on the phone until the money has been paid.

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Stuart says Bangor Police have received prior reports earlier this week about similar spam calls, one of which resulted in the loss of $9,000.

When They Call, What Do We Do?

Bangor Police Department wants the public to know they will never demand that people pay fines or fees through gift cards or Bitcoin. Anyone receiving one of these calls should hang up the phone and call the Bangor Police at 207-947-7384.

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