Georgetown Estate

If I win the lottery someday, I want to move to this Georgetown property, that has an amazing glass house, cozy wood home, and a stylish guest house.

Jim and I recently spent a weekend in Georgetown and fell in love with the area. So, on a lark, I decided to look at homes for sale on In amongst the many cabins and Victorians, I found this incredible property that was just too beautiful not to share.

First, there's a house by the edge of the Kennebec River, that's all glass. I mean, ALL glass, on the side facing the water. I would use that as my 'summer house,' where I could enjoy the water views every day. Second is the cottage-style house, with all of its' finished wood. It just has that warm, cozy feel that tells me it would be the perfect winter home. And, of course, a property like this needs to have a guest house, because all your friends would come to stay. And what's a dream property without a pool? Of course, they have one of those too.

According to the listing by Curt Fish of Sharon Drake Real Estate, Inc. on, the house sells for $5,250,000. The monthly payment is estimated at just below $19,500 dollars per month, so it would take a lottery win for me to afford it. But I can dream. (and remember to buy lottery tickets)

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