I'm not sure about you, but going out to get shopping done right now, presents me with some sites that I am just not ready for. I guess it kind of starts in July when you start seeing commercials for kids going back to school. Be it new clothes, backpacks, etc. There's just all the not-so-subtle reminders that fall, and even worse winter, are not far away.

Nothing was hammered home more than my Mom sending me this photo from camp.

Photo: J Stew's Mom
Photo: J Stew's Mom

I mean, who is ever ready for that photo in August?! Not even late August. I got it from her on Friday, so that was only the 10th. It's just nuts. I feel like only 90 days ago, I still had snow on the deck, and was glad I still had snow tires on the car. And here we are, what feels like barely any time later, and I'm seeing an orange tree, Starbucks is already rolling out Pumpkin Spice flavored stuff. I bought Pumpkin yogurt for my wife the other day. Where does it end?

I've even seen folks online talking about The Farmer's Almanac predictions for the severity of this year's upcoming winter. Seriously? All we do is yak endlessly all winter about how we can't wait for summer, yet everyone wants to be the first one to roll out Halloween and Christmas candy. In face, I started seeing the blasted Halloween candy two weeks ago. Sheesh.

So yeah, will someone please put the brakes on my summer so I can enjoy just a wee bit more of it?! No sense making the shortest season in Maine go any faster than it needs to be. Unless you're one of those crazy people that can't wait for the snow to fly. But don't worry, I'll save a special angry post for you a little ways down the road, because I'm still trying to enjoy my summah, bub.

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