Owls Heads is so desperate for firefighters that they're posting signs, looking for applicants.

In a post on the department's Facebook page, fire officials point out that they are as proactive in their recruitment as they are with their training. The Owls Head Fire Department is a small municipal, paid on-call fire department, or what many of us refer to as a 'volunteer' department. But what that means is not that it's unpaid, but that it's not a full-time position. Instead, it means that, while leading their lives, when the fire call goes out, the firefighters leave what they're doing to respond.

The OHFD graduated 13 personnel from the firefighter program, but lost a lot of their key candidates because of housing problems in Owls Head. They provide all the equipment and training, but now need some folks to take advantage of it. As well as fighting fires, department personnel help other charities through public suppers and donations.

Requirements for employment include an ability to do physical work and the lack of a criminal record. Anyone interested in more information or applying for a position should contact Chief Ross at (207) 594-4076 or (207) 380-8850.

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