A Skowhegan couple decided to make the best out of an ice fishing trip over the weekend. Oscar Brann and Jessica Collins have been engaged for 11 years, and up til now, Oscar always had a great excuse not to tie the knot... "we can't, we're going fishing this weekend..."

Well, Jessica decided maybe it was just time to double down and get it done while they were fishing. She wasn't interested in a big, fancy wedding anyhow, so this seemed like the best of both worlds. So they threw their would-be wedding rings into the tackle box, and off they went!

They told the few friends that they did invite, that if a flag went off in the middle of the ceremony, it would have to pause while they pulled in the fish. Seems fair under the circumstances. And she said she'd rather be in the newspaper for a big old fish, than for a wedding announcement.

Really, this is maybe one of the most Maine things I've ever read. Though I'm sure it's probably been done, I think you could only top it by hauling in lobster traps at the same time, or maybe get hitched over the steaming carcass of a freshly shot deer. But this just about takes it.

Although, according to WGME - TV13, the newlyweds really only had one regret about their special day.... they got skunked on the fishing! But they caught each other's hearts that day, for sure. Congrats, you crazy kids!

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