Brand new company, Shammy’s Car Wash is coming to both sides of the Penobscot River. A location on Wilson Street in Brewer. And a location on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor near Bangor Mall.

We tracked down a co-owner of the company.

And he is the connection to the state of Maine.

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Jon Young lives in the Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas area. He has since he was a one-year-old. But he has a connection to Maine. He’s a Mainer. He was born in Bangor. He lived in Old Town as a baby until his parents, and therefore he, moved to Texas in 1979.

But he still has a love for Maine, and his family has a home on Pushaw Lake.

So, it makes perfect sense that as he and his partners expand their business, Maine is a part of the future.

And the first 2 Shammy’s Car Wash locations announced recently for Bangor and Brewer are only the beginning.

The expectation is that they will own and operate 6 to 8 locations in Maine and in New Hampshire. The discussions are underway now for their first New Hampshire location.

That is a lot of car washes.

But it’s nice that it is being done by a guy who may have moved away from Maine when he was only one year old, but he still considers himself a Mainer.

Back to the Bangor and Brewer locations. Construction at both locations is expected to begin within 60 days.

And once the process begins it’ll take 5 to 6 months until they are open and operating.

Meaning the timeline says construction begins in early May, and the first cars will be washed in September or October of this year.

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