I was in the grocery store the other day, walking down an aisle and a woman coming the other way said 'Hey, You're Scott Miller'.

We said hello and I thanked her for listening to Q106.5 and she said that she loved the story Cindy Campbell and I talked about last week about Flu Season and preventing the spread of flu and colds. Sometimes I have no idea what I said the hour before, but in this case I remember the story and told her it really was just me making jokes about not shaking hands to avoid the spread of germs.  That's why I fist bump way more often than shake hands. Or if you don't want to shake hands with someone, as they stick out their hand, cough into yours. They'll retreat. Or when they've extending their hand for a shake, start to move your hand towards theirs, but pull away and run your hand thru your hair. Also the story talked about wearing appropriate gloves during cold and flu season. Really? 'Gee, why are you wearing surgical gloves or dish washing gloves?'

Good luck with flu and colds and aches this coming season.  Good luck avoiding them.

And to Chris in the grocery aisle, thanks for stopping and saying hello. And thanks for listening.  By the way, although I didn't say anything, I notice you were checking out what I had in my basket. It was a turkey breast, and some healthy vegetables. I'm glad you saw me before I went to the junk food aisle.

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