A collective sigh. Man, summer flew by. And we say bye bye to the food trucks and the seafood restaurants that operate in our area seasonally.

What a treat when you find a place you love, and get to eat all that great food, mostly outside, all summer long. What’s not to enjoy?

But I was thinking, what do they do in the winter and heard a story that I’ll share.

First shout out to all the operators of those great places we find and frequent in the summertime. And soon they’ll close for the season.

Here is the story of one operator and what they did for 10 years come the winter time.

It’s all about family.

The Maine Lobster Lady began as a food truck. And just this year opened a restaurant in Sargentville/Sedgewick on Route 175. The address is 209 Caterpillar Hill Road. It previously was Mariner’s Pub.

Courtesy Maine Lobster Lady
Courtesy Maine Lobster Lady

Even before the restaurant or the food truck,  Diana the Maine Lobster Lady was out on the lobster boat fishing too. The boat is her business and life partner, Greg’s boat.

And from 2010 to 2020 when her Food Truck that sold that local seafood closed for the season in Maine, they went on the road. From Isle au Haut Maine, to Phoenix, Arizona.

For those 10 years they packed up the food truck with wild caught Maine lobster and went to Phoenix to sell what we take for granted every summer.

Who knew that Phoenix Arizona was full of so many New Englanders craving a taste of home.

And we all can be Maine proud

Here are some of the awards that The Maine Lobster Lady Food Truck won

  • The Arizona restaurant association’s 2019 Foodist Award for Fantastic Food Truck
  • Winner of the 2018 Tasting Table’s Lobster Rumble
  • Phoenix New Times, Best of Phoenix Editors Pick for Best Food Truck 2018
  • The Best of Phoenix 2016 Pick for Best Food Truck
  • Voted Top Food Truck on ABC15s A-List
  • Named one of the 100 Favorite Dishes by New Times Blog, Chow Bella
  • Thrillist’s The 8 Best Food Trucks in Phoenix winner
  • 2015 AZ Central Critics Pick for Best Savory Food Truck.
  • And Winner of the Arizona Restaurant Association’s 2014 Foodist Award for Outstanding Food Truck.

Those are all amazing. Phoenix is a major city with plenty of food trucks to choose from, and give awards to. But Maine’s Lobster Lady won at least one award almost every winter they went there.

Back to it’s all about family. Diana’s daughters all work at the restaurant, and are all back in Maine. So because of family, the decision has been made to not go back to Arizona for the winter.

Somebody else from Maine will have to go there and show them how it is done here.

If your appetite has been stirred up, Maine Lobster Lady restaurant will remain open Thursdays to Mondays until October 10th.


And if you are reading this in Phoenix, maybe they'll ship to you, or you can plan to come to Maine next summer.

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