Tomorrow is a big day for Scout Troop 301 of Bangor. They are raising funds with a bottle drive. Last year they were all excited about a trip, only to get the brakes put on the adventure. Not this year. So you can imagine how fired up the Scouts are about this year’s fundraiser, and the trip

Rebecca Wyman, Scout Master for Troop 301 – Bangor let us know:

This is a week-long trip the Scouts will be taking this year.  They were set to go last year and had to cancel due to Covid.  They are working hard to earn monies for this, this year.

Rebecca Wyman

The bottle drive is tomorrow (Saturday) between Noon and 3 p.m. with a drop off station at Chapin Park off Parkview in Bangor. Also the Scouts will be walking the tree streets in Bangor picking up bottles that can be placed at the end of driveways with a Troop 301 note on the bag or box of bottles.

Bottles can also be dropped off at Damon’s Beverage and Redemption on 21 Washington Street in Bangor- Please be sure to say it is for Troop 301.

If  would like to donate bottles or a monetary donation and are unable to make it to the drop off, email RWYMAN777 at G Mail dot com.

This bottle drive will help to raise moneys for the Scouts to go to camp this year in July at KSR in Eddington and to attend the Maine High Adventure trip they will attending in August. Here is the information about the Maine High Adventure trip. Check it out and it’ll tell you why these hard working Scouts are so excited and looking forward to a successful bottle drive tomorrow.

Rebecca Wyman

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