The Waldo County Sheriff's Department issued a warning at the end of last week, warning residents that there was a new scam going around centered around Facebook and text messages. Scammers are approaching folks via Facebook messenger, and asking them to donate to an "empowerment program" that will pay them back a larger sum of money if they can donate a smaller amount right now, according to an article from

A 75 year old woman was taken for $15,000 and is likely to never see a dime of it back. Police say that between the Facebook massages and the texts, they are not likely able to trace it back to where it started. These days, scammers have ways of masking their phone numbers with real, legitimate local phone numbers. Typically, those folks have no idea their phone number is even being used inappropriately.

It basically goes back to the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. And anyone that is not trying to scam you, would always want you to check their credibility in whatever manner seems appropriate. Scammers will always just pressure you to make quick decisions, and send them money right now. So always do your due diligence before giving anyone your money. And also, keep an eye on your older family members, especially ones with any kind of cognitive issues.

Either way, cross your fingers it doesn't happen to you, and always check sources out before giving them any private info. And be careful!



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