According to a post on the National Weather Service Facebook page, we can pretty much kiss the rest of the fall leaves goodbye. Strong winds are supposed to be moving into the area early tomorrow morning. Here in the Bangor area alone, we could see winds reaching over 40 mph, and honestly, that's quite a bummer, because this part of the state has really just begun to hit peak colors, and now, Mother Nature is going to blow all the beautiful leaves into the stratosphere, never to be seen again.

Well, I suppose until we all have to trudge outside with our trusty old rakes and pile the leaves up for the town to haul away. In Bangor, that pickup will begin October 29th, and in Brewer it starts the second week of November.

I, for one, am glad then, that my wife and I took a drive Sunday so we could check out some of the colors in the sunshine before they were gone. Now, don't get too scared. This storm is not supposed to be anything like that massive winds we had just about a year ago, that caused blackouts for days all over the state.

But just the's kinda sad that after tomorrow, most of our beautiful foliage will be gone. Thankfully, a lot of us shared our photos last week. Take a look at them again here, and enjoy the memories.

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