Take a step back in time Thursday for bean hole beans and reflector oven biscuits at Lincoln's River Driver's Supper.

I'm taking a break from my vacation this week to travel to Lincoln for one of my favorite events of the year. This is not just any bean supper. Like other public suppers, it's put on by the local Congregational Church. And like the others, the menu includes beans, hot dogs, biscuits, and yummy desserts.

But the River Driver's Supper stands out because all the food (except the desserts) is prepared in the tradition of the men who used to drive logs down the Penobscot. As you can see in the video that I took last year, the beans are cooked in pots that are buried in holes in the ground with hot coals in the bottom. The biscuits are cooked in reflector ovens next to roaring fires. Other fires are used to cook the hot dogs and the coffee. Take it from me, watching the preparation is almost as much fun as eating the delicious food.

The 71st Annual River Driver's Supper will take place from 4 to 6 Thursday afternoon at Ludden Field in Lincoln. It's all part of the Lincoln Maine Loon Festival. Come out and join us, and bring the kids. It will be a fun and tasty history lesson. And if you know someone who would love the food but can't make it, they dish the beans up in to-go containers so you can take it with you and will even bag up some biscuits for you.

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