The American Red Cross needs nominations of people who have gone above and beyond to help others.

The Real Heroes breakfast is one of the most touching events I've ever attended. It's story after story of people who have greatly impacted the lives of others. And, very often, that means they've saved someone's life in a dramatic way. Anytime I've gone to the breakfast, I double-check to make sure I have plenty of tissues, because I know that I'll need every last one.

But before the breakfast, the American Red Cross needs nominations of people who have gone above and beyond to make a difference in someone else's lives. The nominations are accepted until December 1st, so time is running out to submit a name. The nominees can be from all walks of life, from police officers and firefighters, to a private citizen who happened upon a chance to help.

I thought of these awards when I reported on a story last month about a mill fire in Mechanic Falls. A neighbor knew that there was an apartment in the back of the building and so he banged on doors and windows, trying to rouse the tenant. When that didn't work, firefighters say he used a cinder block to break out a window and ran inside, finding the tenant sleeping with ear buds in. The occupant had no idea the entire building was on fire. That's the kind of amazing, gooseflesh-inducing story that leads to Real Heroes Award Winners.

The Real Heroes Breakfast will be held on Wednesday, March 20th at Jeff's Catering in Brewer. Nominations are being accepted for the rest of the month and can be submitted through the American Red Cross website. 


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