Q106.5 salutes our men and women in uniform, past and present. Thank you! And we invite you to help us salute those who bravely give so much, or gave so much, this Veterans Day.

Download the Q106.5 APP and record a salute to the veteran in your life.

It's easy. Just download the app and hit the "Salute a Veteran" button. See the read arrow? That's where you'll find it.


Then, just tell us who you are and what town you live in. Who you're saluting. And where they are serving or served.

"Hi, I'm Insert your name here from insert your town here. My husband Bob is serving in the Middle East and our whole family misses him, and wishes him well.  Thank you, you're our hero.

Or I sure miss my Dad, (name him) he gave his life in Desert Storm serving our country in the air force.

You get the idea.  Thank you in advance for your effort.  Using the Q106.5 APP, do this as soon as you can. Our goal is to fill up Veteran's Day on Q106.5 with listeners saluting veterans.

And thank you to all veterans.

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