Another increase to state-issued relief checks has been proposed.

As Mainers face more financial challenges, whether it be at the gas pump, electricity bills, heating oil, or groceries, more relief could be coming. Gov. Janet Mills has proposed increasing the state-issued relief checks from $750 to $850. The supplemental budget proposal, which was announced in February, returns half of the budget surplus back to Maine taxpayers.

Gov. Mills said of the new proposal, "Inflation and increased oil and gas prices resulting from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are hitting Maine people hard. This proposal will help Maine people grapple with these increased costs by putting money directly back into their pockets."

The Office of the Maine State Economist estimates that inflation will impact the average Maine resident at a cost of $560. The office estimates inflation is costing, on average, $260 more at the grocery store, and $300 more for gas and home heating oil.

An estimated 800,000 eligible Maine taxpayers will receive a check.

Those eligible include:

  •  Those who have an annual income of less than $75,000 if filing single, or if married and filing separately.
  • Those who have an annual income of less than $112,500 if filing as head of household.
  • Those who have an annual income of less than $150,000 if filing jointly.

Income will be based on the Federal Adjusted Gross Income from the filers’ tax returns.

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The proposed checks would begin to be mailed out to eligible Maine taxpayers in July.

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