It is so great to be outdoors. Especially in Maine where you're only minutes away from a walk in the woods, no matter what part of Maine you're in.

Scott Miller
Scott Miller

L.L. Bean and the National Wildlife Federation are teaming up to help parents get their kids outdoors. It's easy to realize that more and more kids are spending more and more time inside because of the pandemic. Screen time is fine, but taking a break and getting outside is a better idea.

The program is called The Green Hour. Simply it is intended to get kids to spend more time outdoors, and they've come up with some fun activities to occupy some outdoor time. Bird bingo, a leaf patrol, being a wildlife detective, identifying animal tracks and many other activities too.

Not sure this is on the agenda, but you can tell a turkey's gender by a weird thing. It's droppings. Males produce spiral-shaped poop. Females' poop is shaped like the letter J. On that note, Happy Thanksgiving.

Time for a Green Hour. See you, outside Maine.

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