Rockland Police are cautioning parents to secure their medications after an alleged drug deal at Oceanside High School.

How Did Police Learn of the Drugs at the School?

Law enforcement officials have told me, in the past, one contributing factor to the abuse of prescription drugs in Maine is that they're so readily available. And this case in Rockland seems to support that statement.

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It was around noon on Friday, May 19th, when staff members at Oceanside High School in Rockland were told about a suspected drug deal that was allegedly witnessed between two students. Staffers immediately notified Rockland Police, who began an investigation into the allegations. By the end of the school day, officers had conducted several interviews and recovered several prescription medications.

What Was the Teen Charged With?

The students involved in the incident were located and their parents were notified. The names of those students will not be released because they're juveniles. Both teens were given information about medical/mental health services, and one of the two was charged with aggravated trafficking in scheduled drugs. The charge was elevated to aggravated because of the age of the purchaser and due to the fact that it occurred on school property. In addition to the legal ramifications, Oceanside High/RSU 13 took administrative action against the student charged.

How Can Parents Help?

Police posted a reminder to parents on their Facebook page about keeping their prescription medications locked in a secure place and away from their children and teenagers. Anyone who has medications that have expired or are no longer needed can dispose of them (free of charge) at the Rockland Police Department, Knox County Sheriff's Office, and other local police departments.

They also provided links to local recovery services including Know Your Options, Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition, Coastal Recovery Community Center, as well as encouraging people to ask for help from the Rockland Police Department.

For recovery services in your area, log onto the website for 211 Maine or just call 211.

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