A long-awaited issue of the Batman comic series will feature some familiar Portland, Maine sights in the drawings of Gotham City.

I can almost see the bat signal over the Old Port! Artist and writer Sean Murphy recently moved to Maine's largest city and was inspired to include some of the more picturesque locations when drawing Gotham City. Of course, the gothic-looking City Hall was a perfect choice.And Murphy included many of the Old Port's brick buildings along with those cobblestone streets and waterfront views. Murphy told the Portland Press Herald that he also plans to use the H.H. Hay building in a future issue, saying he likes the idea of the Batmobile flying down a street where Jack the Ripper might be lurking.

Holy Super Heroes! Just imagine Batman and Robin jumping out of the Batmobile to chase a bad guy past Gritty's and over the steps of the Cross Insurance Arena. Awesome! The Portland-based images will appear in the DC Comics publication 'Batman: White Knight #1,' which goes on sale on October 4th.

I'm thinking I need to plan a trip to Gotham City, er, Portland soon and see if I can catch a glimpse of the Caped Crusader!


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